September 26, 2018

The importance of an Islamic Will

Death is an inevitable part of life but it is easy to push this to the back of your mind and let the task of writing a Will fall to the wayside. However, having an Islamic Will prepared with us is an easy and inexpensive process. Furthermore, from a Shariah prospective the correct distribution of ones assets is a compulsory obligation (Fard) on a Muslim.

If you die without a Will your estate will be distributed according to English intestacy law. These rules do not cater for your Islamic beliefs and principles of estate distribution making it very important that you have a Will written up which complies with both your Islamic obligations whilst also being legally valid under UK law.

Farani Taylor Solicitors are offering our Muslim Clients Wills that are compliant with Islamic Inheritance. This will ensure that your estate is divided according to Islamic Inheritance as well as complying with the requirements of UK law. Your peace of mind is of paramount importance and with the service that we offer you can rest assured that your material affairs will be in order after your passing.

By having a professionally drafted Will you will be in charge of how your assets will be distributed. Your chosen executors will have the responsibility to act according to Islamic principles as well as your wishes in ensuring all assets are distributed correctly.